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Welcome to Bright Life India

  Bright Life is a Direct marketing company situated in Coimbatore Bright Life India was started by a group of well experienced and skilled marketing person and is working progressively, successfully and is improving with a dawn of everyday.


  To create awarness is health and to product every individual family in India.


  To make every India to lead a royal Profile. Bright life India is the first company in India to inttroduce achievement daily bonus for distributiors. It is in to business offering innovative healthy product, in a wide range at affordable prices. In our day to day life, consumption of money never ends & people like to utilize every opportunity that comes in their way. We are here, to proudly present you, with such an opportunity that makes you dream soar high in a simple way.

How To Join?

  You have to buy any one of our Package. When you finish your joining procedure, you become a distributor of Bright Life India hence you will be eligible to avail all the benefit mentioned in company websites. You will be provided with an ID and password by which you can refer new distributors and check your status online through our distributors control panel. To be an associate of the company one has to phrase for Regular Package Rs.200(1PV) Grand Package Rs.400(2PV) then he shall be treated as an independent distributor of the company who can promote our business.

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